in "The Mystery of the Missing Corn!":

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“San Francisco, the City by the Bay – hmph! It doesn’t seem so beautiful when something like this happens” Police Commissioner Jim Borden said with an air of disappointment.

“But Chief, who would steal corn from Emperor Norton’s farm?!” the young rookie asks.

“I don’t know. This sounds like a mystery for – The Chicken Hounds!”

<ba-rum da-da-dum DUM!>

*Ring, Ring!*


“Hello, Chicken Hounds?” Commissioner Borden asks.


“We’ve got a mystery and we need your help! Some of the corn has gone missing from Emperor Norton’s farm! Please hurry!”

<ba-rum da-da-dum DUM!>

The Chicken Hounds - Holmes, Watson, and Robertdowneyjunior – arrive at the farm. A lone goat stands near the barn chewing on an old can.


Holmes pulls out his magnifying glass, adjusts his deerstalker hat and begins to look for clues. Watson begins to peck around also.

*Peck, Peck*

Robertdowneyjunior though decides it’s time to finish his martini!

*Glug, glug*

Near the goat, Holmes finds an empty burlap sack. On the burlap sack is a picture of corn. A clue! Could it be that the goat stole the corn? Holmes carefully examines the clue with his magnifying glass. Then, he looks closely at the goat, through his magnifying glass. He looks the goat right in the eye and asks him “Ba-gawk?”

“Maaahhh” the goat replies. Hmm… perhaps the goat didn’t take the corn after all, Holmes thinks to himself. He continues to look around the farm for more clues.

*Peck, peck*

What’s this! It seems that Watson has found a clue! Why, it’s a kernel of corn! He better taste it to make sure it’s real corn!

*Peck, peck*

Wait! Here’s another kernel of corn!

*Peck, peck*

And another!

*Peck, peck*

And some more!

*Peck, peck, peck*

Meanwhile, Robertdowney junior, (*glug, glug*), is starting to feel a little tired. Perhaps if he had a nice little nap on this burlap sack, filled… with… something…

*Snore, snore*

Let’s see how Holmes (*ba-gawk*) is doing. Oh! It seems that he has found another clue *Ba-dum* by the barn! Robertdowneyjunior (*snore, snore*) is sleeping on a sack of corn! Holmes pulls out his magnifying glass and carefully investigates. It seems that this sack is just like the other one except this one is filled with corn!

Holmes decides that he better taste it, just to make sure it really is corn.

*Peck, Peck*

Yup, this is corn all right! But what about the rest of these kernels?

*Peck, peck, peck*

It seems that Watson (*peck, peck*) is also making good progress – and just in time! Here comes Police Commissioner Borden and the rookie cop!

“Chicken Hounds! Thank goodness you’re here!” Says the Commissioner. “What have you found?”

*Ba-gawk!* answers Holmes.

“Why, Chief – it looks like the Chicken Hounds are eating all of the corn!” concludes the rookie cop.

“Good work!” says the Commissioner. “It looks like another mystery’s been solved by – The Chicken Hounds!”



The Chicken Hounds in "The Mystery of the Missing Corn!" Live Play

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