Keith Churchill of San Francisco, California is the creator of the Chicken Hounds.

Robertdowneyjunior of the Chicken Hounds first appeared November 18, 2010 in a strip called "The Case of the Chicken Snuggie Cult" after I had a dream of developing the world's best product - a Snuggie for chickens! This involved some characters that had already been in my head for a little while, developed in part with Dani. This strip has not been published and sits proudly on my fridge at home. The Chicken Hounds then made their first full (and public) appearance in the March 29, 2012 Goblyn's Comic strip where the Spotted Dog tried to eat That Dumb Cat. Soon after, they appeared regularly in Goblyn's Comics.

The Chicken Hounds - Watson, Holmes, and Robertdowneyjunior - are San Francisco's Greatest Detectives! They live in their Coop Roost high atop the Golden Gate Bridge where they can watch the City By the Bay for crime and mysteries!

An original play was performed in San Francisco on October 12, 2013. You can watch it here:

Got a mystery to be solved? E-Mail:

Ladies! RDJ (Robertdowneyjunior) is single and available for party rentals! E-Mail - Serious inquiries only!


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